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Fall Of The Lich King!

05/28/2010 10:58

BOYD downs a boss that looks a lot like Sindragosa!

04/06/2010 11:58

There will be Blood...

03/16/2010 11:01

Good News Everyone!

02/19/2010 11:32

BOYD's first face off against Rotface ends with one big dead mutant blob.

01/12/2010 18:41

Bring Out Your Dead

Bring Out Your Dead is a horde guild on the Runetotem server. We are looking for late night and West Coast raiders who are looking to experience the new Cataclysm end game content. Our raid schedule consists of three progression nights per week (M/W/Th) starting at 10 P.M. server (CST) and ending at 1 A.M. We use the EP/GP system for loot distribution, and 80% progression raid attendance is required....minimum. Optional 5/10 man runs and farm runs are scheduled for off raid nights.

We are looking for mature members, while we all like to have a good time in guild chat and on vent, we do make every attempt to keep the language and humor at a somewhat respectable level. While having fun is a big component of any successful guild, we do take our raid progression seriously. Know your class, know your role, know how to play effectively and know how to have fun, and you'll fit right in with us as we make every effort to be one of the best guilds on Runetotem.

We are currently accepting applications as outlined on the left of this page. If you think we would be a good fit for you, we encourage you to fill out an application. We'll take a look at it and get back to you as soon as we can. Please note that we will only accept applications from those age 18 and older. Thanks for your interest in us!

Should you have any questions about joining us, please feel free to contact one of our officers in game; Rhett, Methustros, Ardwinna, Lucos, Astoniass, or Kreese.

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We beat WoW!
10/02/2011 21:20 by astoniass

We Win! Again!

1 comment [show]

07/21/2011 08:57 by Rhett

Save the warlock. Save the world.

1 comment [show]

Sharp Condom! Sharp Condom!
07/21/2011 08:54 by Rhett

Astoniass kept yelling this out, so either we killed Lord Rhyolith, or it was just another typical night at the Astoniass home. I'll let you decide.

2 comments [show]

BOYD in the Firelands....
07/09/2011 00:57 by Rhett

It's late, and I can't come up with anything really witty to say here. Which implies that previous things I have posted have in fact, been witty. We all know this is not the case. So let's just move on with a couple screenshots of our first couple of boss kills; Shannox and Beth'Tilac.

I hate spiders. Just sayin'.

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BOYD is a bunch of bullies.
01/25/2011 14:29 by Rhett

I mean seriously, what kind of people go marching into a dungeon and for absolutely no reason go and beat up a blind dragon? He isn't guarding anything, he isn't in our way, we just beat him up because we can.

And here is the proof.

I apologize in advance for anyone who can't make out some things in the screenshot since that damn dinosaur is in the way.


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