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 Post subject: About Bring Out Your Dead (a.k.a. The Guild Charter)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:02 pm 
About Bring Out Your Dead

We're a guild looking for late night and West Coast gamers who are looking to progress in Cataclysm.

Many of us have been playing together since Runetotem's early days and have experience with raiding. Our members are mature players with jobs, families, and other real life concerns and so we recognize that real life commitments come first before the game. It's because of these commitments that we created Bring Out Your Dead and schedule our raids later in the evenings.

Please note that we only accept members over the age of seventeen.

Guild Structure
The guild ranking structure, which is based upon the Monty Python film where the guild name istelf ws taken from, is as follows:

King - this is the GM.
The Round Table - These are the officers.
Black Knight - These are our 2 Raid Leaders.
Camelot Knight - Progression Raiders.
Camelot Squire - Raiders called upon to fill any spots in progression raids.
A Shrubbery - Members, Casual players.
Coconut Handlers - Alts
Almost Dead - Inactive players, players who need a "timeout".

The officers and GM are listed at the end of the charter. The raider rank has certain requirements (see below). Members will be for RL friends and family members of guildies who do not wish to raid. In Cataclysm, we will only be recruiting for the raider rank so please read the requirements.

Raider Requirements
Here is what we look for in our raiders as well as the benefits we confer to them:

1) Consistent Attendance
2) Proper gear/spec/enchants/gem
3) Know your role and strategy in a raid
4) Listen
5) Team attitude
6) Communication- Use the forums, tell us when you are going /afk, etc

Raiders get more guild bank access as well as free enchanting mats, gems, consumables, etc from the guild bank (when available).

New recruits will be put in the category "Camelot Squire" for a trial period. All things equal the priority for raid invites is Camelot Knight, Camelot Squire, and then Members and Alts; however, this is subject to raid makeup requirements.

Camelot Squires will be judged on attendance, attitude, and ability. If the officers feel like these things are a good fit and you are doing a great job then you will be promoted to Camelot Knight.

If there is a problem with performance, attendance, or attitude then you will be demoted to Member.

What's expected of all of our members?

Simple... respect each other.

Leave the drama on reality TV. If you feel a situation heating up, take responsibility to cool it down by acting like a really relaxed and forgiving adult (even if you’re a kid). If you feel yourself heating up, be sure to remember we’re here to have fun.

When we're raiding please be considerate of your fellow players. This means be on time, repaired, fully stocked on consumables, and ready to rumble. We don't have a lot of planned hours of raiding each week, so we need to focus during that time. Turning off the phone = good. Calling a 10-minute break to do laundry = bad.

Finally but not least, Have Fun!! - This is an important rule in both life and World of Warcraft.

Our Raid Schedule

We plan on raiding 3 nights per week starting at 10 P.M. server (Central) time and ending promptly at 1 A.M. Our primary raid nights are set for Mon, Wed, and Thu with some oddball stuff on the weekends. Raid schedules will be posted on the website.

Loot Distribution

25 man raids
We use the EPGP loot system. EP = Effort Points, GP = Gear Points. You will earn effort points for every raid you attend, and you will spend gear points on loot items. Each week, everyone's EPGP numbers are decayed by 10%. It's a very simply, and yet very fair way of handing out loot.

We also follow a common sense loot system, where no matter what the numbers say, the officers reserve the right to distribute loot at their discretion. For example, if someone's alt rolls for an item against someone else who is on their main toon, and the alt wins, we may give it to the main toon instead for obvious reasons. I can count on one hand the number of times in two years we have had to "overrule" the numbers though.

10 man raids
Loot distribution for 10 man raids is handled by Master Looter and distributed by rolling for it (NBG).


We don't require addons to be a member of BOYD unless you're going to raid.
  • Raid Addons: oRA3
  • Boss Mods: DBM Or Bigwigs
  • Threat Meter: Omen is preferred, KTM is acceptable
  • EPGP LootMaster
  • EPGP (dkp reloaded)
Raid schedules will be posted on the website and the forums.

Mumble (Voice Communications)

Mumble Server Address:
OR (Both point to the same server, below offered for convenience)

There is currently no password, but if it gets abused, it will get locked down in some way be that via a password or only allowing guildies to be able to speak on it.

Simple step-by-step guide to getting it setup: http://mmo-mumble.com/help/GetMumble
IMPORTANT! Make sure you do the audio setup wizard!
This is vital to the automatic normalization. If you get a new mic, change your soundcard, or make any other system modifications that affect the sound system, you should re-run the wizard to setup your sound again!
Make sure you actually read the wizard prompts! They really are quite important!
Also, make sure you enable Push To Talk during the setup! It can be done afterward as well, but easiest in the wizard.

After that, you should be able to click the server list button, or select connect from the menu. This will bring up a list of servers you have added, as well as a list of public servers. At the bottom of that window is a button to add a server (or add custom server or some damn thing), click that. In the box that appears, you can enter the server address and port numbers (found at the top of this post). From there you should be able to connect to the server!

Our Guild Bank

Everyone will have access to view the contents of our guild bank. Everyone will have the ability to make deposits. Only officers will have access to the first tab. Raiders will have access to some pots and mats as well as the "Miscellaneous" tab. All members will have access to the junk tab.

Requests for mats for guild progress will be on the forums.

Our Guild Officers

Rhett (GM)
And one more guy, I forget, Johnny something or other...

To apply, fill out an application. We only accept members above the age of 17.

Updated 12/03/09

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