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We beat WoW!
10/02/2011 21:20 by astoniass.

We Win! Again!


wheres the loot box huh! huh! this is lies!RagnCajn at 10/05/2011 10:24
07/21/2011 08:57 by Rhett.

Save the warlock. Save the world.


lol @ "I have no idea what went on"

Grats all!

Clavietika at 07/21/2011 17:35
Sharp Condom! Sharp Condom!
07/21/2011 08:54 by Rhett.

Astoniass kept yelling this out, so either we killed Lord Rhyolith, or it was just another typical night at the Astoniass home. I'll let you decide.


Grats! :DClavietika at 07/21/2011 17:35
Had to stand right in front of me Rhett. Really? lolSleyet at 07/22/2011 08:36
BOYD in the Firelands....
07/09/2011 00:57 by Rhett.

It's late, and I can't come up with anything really witty to say here. Which implies that previous things I have posted have in fact, been witty. We all know this is not the case. So let's just move on with a couple screenshots of our first couple of boss kills; Shannox and Beth'Tilac.

I hate spiders. Just sayin'.


Good job guys! I hear you have an awesome GM!

Rhett at 07/09/2011 12:38
Im not even in the Shannox pic. I told you guys to wait for me! lolSleyet at 07/09/2011 20:48
We just assumed you were stealthed.Rhett at 07/12/2011 21:47
Gotta always screw over the Rogues, huh? :pClavietika at 07/21/2011 17:32
Congrats though, boys and girls. <3Clavietika at 07/21/2011 17:32
BOYD is a bunch of bullies.
01/25/2011 14:29 by Rhett.

I mean seriously, what kind of people go marching into a dungeon and for absolutely no reason go and beat up a blind dragon? He isn't guarding anything, he isn't in our way, we just beat him up because we can.

And here is the proof.

I apologize in advance for anyone who can't make out some things in the screenshot since that damn dinosaur is in the way.


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