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DPS check my %&#. Awesome job BOYD on a fun first Festergut kill.
01/08/2010 11:47 by Gornanthum.


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We named him "Saurfang"...
12/22/2009 10:27 by Gornanthum.

...it means "Full of Loot" in Orcish.

Grats to everyone on our 1st clear of the new ICC wing. 12/14/09


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Trashcorn PuGs 25 BOYD members and kills Yogg-Saron!
10/13/2009 00:58 by Rhett.

Congratulations to everyone there who made it happen, and a big thanks to Trashcorn for letting us tag along, you're the best!


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The Loot Gods Smile Upon BOYD!
09/23/2009 09:02 by Rhett.

Grats to the whole guild for scoring what I believe is the server's first Onyxia mount! Below you can see some random noob priest showing it off. Grats!


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BOYD gets a Blizzcon Exclusive!
08/21/2009 14:53 by Rhett.

August 21, 2009 - Here at Blizzcon 2009, BOYD reporters have received the following press release, as no other MMO news outlets have reported on this, I dare say we have ourselves an "exclusive". The press release reads as follows:

"Blizzard Entertainment, in conjunction with Pocket Books, a division of the Simon & Schuster Publishing Company are proud to announce the forthcoming release of the lastest literary work set in the ever expanding World of Warcraft universe. Following Christie Golden's New York Times bestseller "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King", this work continues the character centric theme began with "Arthas". We hope you enjoy the following excerpt.


Thrall shifted in his throne, his unease apparent to those near to him. The Warchief looked on as his Kork'ron Elite made their way out of Grommash Hold and to the city gates. He knew what they went for, or rather, who they went for. His thoughts went to their last meeting, and the events that meeting had led to, his emotions combating each other inside of him. One minute, swelling with pride that after all things, victory had been won in Icecrown. Victory that was only possible through the power of the Horde, his Horde. But that victory demanded so heavy a price be paid to secure the peace that comes with it. Orc, Tauren, Troll, Elf, all with so many differences in life, but in death, so much more in common, all had made the ultimate sacrifice, all had fought for the glory of the Horde, and fought well.

And Thrall still felt the weight of each of their deaths, as if it was his own. Worse yet, he feared the peace that comes with victory was to be more short lived than he ever imagined.

"My lord?", Eitrigg's voice snapped Thrall's attention back to the present. "They will return within moments, and while I know you and the human are friends, must we continue to treat with her, with them, here? In our own city? I cannot imagine th---"

Thrall's hand shot up, silencing Eitrigg immediately. "It is no matter, they are here."

Thrall stood up and watched the double column of Kork'ron enter the hold, parting to each side as they did until nobody stood between him, and her. "Lady Proudmoore, it is a great honor to meet with you again, and so soon since you were last here."

Jaina, already dwarfed by the towering orc, bowed deeply before him. "The honor, once again great Warchief, is mine." She straightened herself and stood before him, her long blue and ivory robe flowing behind her, looking like a jewel in the sea of dust and dirt that was Orgrimmar. "It is truly a privilege to be here again with you, I only wish it could have been during better days than the ones which approach us." She looked up and met his gaze, "I know you, and I know you know that of which I speak."

Thrall took her hand and led her to a seat on the dais of his throne. It would be seen as a gesture of respect, but he knew inside it was more for his own benefit than for hers. He himself wanted to be seated when he heard the news he feared. "I know some of what you speak, my shamans have warned me and I have felt it myself. Though, what I can do about it, of that I am still in the dark."

"Then I am sure you know that the Destroyer himself seeks to return to Azeroth, and that return grows nearer by the hour. Should we find ourselves unprepared, it will be the end of us, end of your Horde, our Alliance, all will be lost." Jaina stood and walked over to Thrall, "I am here because a new Guardian must be appointed, we need you."

Thrall's laughter echoed through the room, "I am no mage Jaina, you know this."

"No, you are not a mage. Guardians have always been mages, you are not what had been chosen in the past, but you are what is needed for the future."

Thrall's heart sank low in his chest. He knew his friend was speaking the truth, and he knew that he must go. Though, he did not want to. Who would he leave in charge of his Horde? Garrosh? His thirst for blood would undo everything Thrall had accomplished. Sylvanas? After the incident with the forsaken alchemist at the Wrathgate, nobody would trust her or her kind. Finally he answered Jaina. "Varian agrees with what you have said?"

"Varian will do what must be done, Thrall." Jaina replied.

"As will I. I have much to prepare here for my leaving, and little time to do it. My guard will escort you from the city, I will follow soon enough." The two leaders exchanged short bows and Jaina took her leave. Thrall slumped down in his throne and looked at his advisor, Eitrigg. "I know you do not understand what you have just seen and heard. Come, walk with me through the city and I will explain. Walk with me, as I fear we may not have this opportunity again."

It was late in the day and dark in the city when the two set out from Grommash Hold. They walked mostly in silence, through the Drag, then into the Valley of Strength, only then did Thrall finally speak. "I have long known a day like this would come, a day when I would leave the rule of the Horde to someone else. Though I admit I did not expect it to come like this. Nevertheless, that day has come. I have been preparing a successor in secret, I hope he is ready for what is to come."

Eitrigg stopped dead in his tracks, "A successor? You have one in mind my lord?" He had to nearly shout over the voices of the auctioneers nearby.

"Yes my friend, come, let me buy you a drink." The two hurried down the road and ducked into the doorway of the Inn, sitting at a table in the back. "For years I have known that if something were to happen to me, the Horde would need a new leader. That transition would need to go smoothly, lest it become nothing but a power struggle between various clan chieftains, that would risk fracturing everything we have built. So for the last four years I have had someone, here in the city. Someone who has lived here, someone who has watched all the happenings of the city, someone who knows the people, and knows the ideals for which we fight. To preserve the peace with the Alliance, I chose a Tauren. I have been secretly including him in all matters of state for a while now, and he has proven himself a most capable politician. For his own protection, I have asked him to remain discreet about his purpose here in Orgrimmar."

"Who is he? When can I meet this tauren who will be the future warchief?"

Thrall smiled, "My friend, we are here to meet him." Thrall motioned to the corner of the room, a corner where there kneeled a tauren clad in a dusty grey vest. As Eitrigg watched, a young blood elf portaled into the Inn, hit the Tauren over and over and then ran out into the street, laughing. Thrall helped his friend up and into a seat at his table. "The time I have been preparing you for has come. I must leave the defense of Orgrimmar and the future of our Horde up to you. These are the times when heroes are made and legends are born. These are the days that will shape the future of the world, these are days of Kings and Warchiefs, are you ready to do what is needed?"

The tauren stood straight, yanking on the bottom of his vest. "I am ready, my lord."

Thrall stood as well, raising his mug and his voice so all at the Inn could hear, "My brothers, today is a glorious day for us, a new beginning, today begins the rise of Gamon, Warchief of Orgrimmar! FOR THE HORDE!"

"FOR THE HORDE!" echoed the crowd as they raised their mugs, and their voices.


Follow the furthur adventures of the new Horde in the upcoming novel, "Gamon: Savior of the Horde", the sequel to the wildly successful "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King". "Gamon: Savior of the Horde" is due for release on Tuesday, November 31st, 2009. Preorder now at Amazon.com or wherever you buy fine books.

*The image above is an artist's rendition of the cover and is subject to change before printing.


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